About Us

We call AAA 2 Innovate Pvt Ltd. not a company but a concept. Before you learn something about us, let us get inspired together with some aspirational quotes:

"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old" - Peter F. Drucker

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination" - Albert Einstein

"Creativity is thinking up new things, Innovation is doing new things" - Theodore Levitt

"Creativity is just connecting things" - Steve Jobs And... "Life is a game, it depends on how you play it"

AAA 2 Innovate Pvt Ltd., an enterprise formed to provide innovative solutions in various fields like :- IT, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Housing, Trading etc. We provide customized soluiotns strictly striking to the need and desire of the customer. A team of high profiled engineers work closely to meet each demand made by the customer.

AAA 2 Innovate Pvt Ltd., an enterprise formed and propelled by a team of professionals from diverse and niche industries and sectors like Information and Technology, retail and e-commerce, logistics and supply chain, with more than 17 years of experience. The team is a blend of experienced veterans and fresh minds. The company coined in the need of the hour, rendering customized and innovative solutions in the fields of retail, housing, logistics and supply chain, and so on. The company that evolved identifying and assessing the changing demands of various sectors where solutions are based on digitization and technology. As we move on to an era where the consumer behaviour, demographics and demands are taking a new turn, we have to think different to excel in eminence. So AAA 2 Innovate Pvt Ltd. for the most innovative customer oriented solutions because we want 'Take You Forward' in new future.

Our Innovations Catalogue

Browse through our services and we are sure you can relate your business to our concept.


The digital logistics company and an online logistics platform propelled by a team of professionals from diverse and niche industries and sectors like logistics and supply chain,with more than 17years experience.

IT Solutions

Our core software development team offers product engineering solutions, services and platforms using not just cutting-edge technology but also the innovative concept. Our ERP and SaaS solutions for the large enterprises as well as MSMEs.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. If you have a great product, it must be accompanied with the right marketing techniques. Let us do it for you!

Online Training

Online learning is one of the most cost-effective way of gaining knowledge at your convenience and comfort. You will love it more when it comes from the industry experts!

Trading and Sourcing

We can help you browse through the world's biggest manufacturing hubs and procurement markets to get the right raw materials or finished goods for your business! Entrust us with your Buying House requirements.


Why Choose AAA 2 Innovate Pvt Ltd.?

We design experiences that are constructive, worthwhile, and memorable; results that are not just high yielding but also durable. Our workflow is a collaborative process of innovation and discovery that involves our clients and customers as much as it involves us. We endure patience and experience, and exercise transparent communication. We appraise ourselves based on the customer satisfaction and feedbacks rather than our sales numbers.

About The Founder Dr. Ambrish Kumar

Dr Ambrish Kumar, a renowned name in the logistics and supply chain fraternity is the founder and mentor of AAA 2 Innovate Pvt Ltd and its group companies and its products,Zipaworld Innovation, Teleios Financial Services, Tafrishaala and Innovative Solutions 4 U Limited.

He is known in the Indian and Global Logistics ecosystem as the brain behind the award-winning Indian start-up LogYcode, that digitally revolutionised the Air Freight logistics workflow. The concept of LogYcode, coined and implemented by Dr Ambrish Kumar, turned out to be one of the initial movers to launch a mobile app for Logistics services.

Dr Ambrish holds the acumen of 17+ years of experience in stalwart diverse combination in the domains of Logistics, Freight Forwarding, CFS, Operation, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing & Evaluating New Project Movements.

He has held senior management pedestals of different reputed organizations like APM Terminals India Pvt Ltd, Eastern Cargo Carriers India Pvt Ltd and then finally held the mantle as the Group CEO of S.A. Consultants and Forwarders Pvt Ltd (SA Group) and LogYcode Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd (Founder).

He has an affluent academic background. He holds doctorate (P.HD.) in Economics, with his thesis on 'Industrial Policy and Industrial Growth' . Also, his qualifications include M. A. in Economics and MBA in International Trade.

Furthermore, he is a highly motivated and result oriented professional adept at building strong relations with key stakeholders.